Is It In The Cards?

I know my blog posts are pretty random.  But there is a common thread to all of them, and that common thread is my reflections on my experiences – particularly those that resonate enough to stir the writer in me enough to become willing to create a blog post to share with you .

Recently Susan was gifted a set of “Spirit Animal” tarot cards.  Like me, she’s always interested in the study and use of tools that help access the intuitive stream so that we can live a more spiritually based purposeful life, that keeps us fulfilled and in alignment with our souls purpose .

She laid out my cards for the next year and I’m documenting them to give myself ready access.

These are ‘the final word’ or theme for each of the next 12 months:

Power Animal Card Reading August 26 2018

August 2018 – Buffalo – Bhakti and Prayer

September 2018 – Starfish – time with friends

October 2018 – Bear – movement and exercise

November 2018 – Dolphin – Hang with like minded spirits
(I already have the David Keil 50 hour Ashtanga Mysore Immersion booked)

December 2018 – Fish – set and accomplish a small goal

January 2019 – Moth – Finish a project

February 2019 – Oyster – share something

March 2019 – Cheetah – Reconnect to purpose

April 2019 – Gazelle – Yin Yoga, Cozy Home , Good Food

May 2019 – Whale – regular self care (compassionate and steady)

June 2019 – Bat – watch the sunrise 🌅 (trip to an east coast beach)

July 2019 – Butterfly – Daily Routine, be extra patient if you are the butterfly

August 2019 – Black Egg – truth – public speaking, writing, singing

As the year goes by, perhaps I will update this page, or do additional posts.  We shall see how it all unfolds!


When the Messenger Arrives, Listen.


As I drove out of my driveway this morning I was treated to the sight of hundreds of blackbirds in my neighbors yard.  As I approached, they took flight and immediately began to murmurate, I, once again, couldn’t help but take notice and interpret on a spiritual level.  There are those of us who can connect to spirit in a timely and meaningful way when we experience a resonant moment with animal guides.  For those of you not open to or who do not connect with this mythology, you may stop reading now.

Intuitively, I picked up on a) that there was a message from ascended guides and masters contained within, and b) this was a time where I should ‘look up the meaning’ and my answer would quickly be revealed.  And so I pulled over and did that.  Here is what came up immediately:

Blackbirds Animal Totem Symbolism:  As a dark and mysterious creature, blackbirds are associated with lunar symbolism.   Also, the flight of the blackbird is symbolic of the quest for higher knowledge, a valiant journey that always leaves us better off than when we started. 

The reminder here for me is that a) I am a seeker of higher knowledge and b) Higher knowledge leaves us better than before.  Over the past few months I have been experiencing a very strong net negative inner condition by using Facebook.  There has been so much discord and division, largely brought about by the recent US election process, along with the boiling over of so much fear and anger from the millions of people who’ve been feeling disenfranchised.   The daily reading and interactions do not leave me ‘better than I was before’ and now I know, therefore this is not the pathway of higher knowledge.

As I sat with this information came the awareness that I used to blog as a way of refining and expressing my clarity with regard to almost anything, but that I had stopped doing this, because I too had gotten caught up in the Facebook fray.

Upon reflection I am once again aware that this venue is the perfect place for me to organize and express my views on many subjects such as politics, the Earth and ecology, energy production, birth control, race and gender equality, human sexuality, regressive politics, love, yoga, fitness, adventure, and my soul’s purpose.  Here it’s is just my ideas, away from the place where everybody is right and nobody is sorry.  Facebook has become the equivalent of a car.  Everyone ‘hides behind the wheel’ and are able to ‘rage’ without consequences.

Groups have evolved on Facebook which significantly cut down on the social media road rage, and I do participate in those.  I am grateful I have connected with many truly open minded and loving souls in these groups.  Those of us concerned with healing the global disease can connect, share ideas, and grow seeds of change.  In those I participate with my inner most thoughts, and I am met with sharing, compassion and feel grace enter.

If you are reading this, thank you for allowing me to freely express myself.