10 Amazing Places

I was recently asked to list 10 Amazing Places… and I love this sort of retrospective / introspective challenge.  So, as I settle in to write this I already see it will be 2 lists: Amazing Places I have Been and Amazing Places I would like to Go (or so I think).

A few years back, I radically changed my point of view about travel.  I shifted from what, to me, felt like an uninspiring log of places ‘other people have gone to which are famous’ to ‘being open to new, amazing experiences’… and let me tell you, the vibe of the 2nd intention in and of itself makes me smile. While still a novice traveler, in my own opinion, I no longer think too much about planning an adventure – I just sense it, and follow that inspiration.

I know the United States pretty well.   And parts of Canada and Central America… but I have not been to Europe, Asia, South America, or Australia. On the other hand, I have had some amazing adventures to beautiful places where I have experienced an array of memorable events.  From Yoga Festivals to Concerts, from the Concours D’Elegance to camping.  From Shamanistic retreats to Yoga retreats, to mountain bike festivals, you name it.  Well, I don’t mean you name it, because there are a lot of things I haven’t done, I just mean, the only common thread is to experience a memorable adventure with some like minded individuals.

So, first, where would I like to go / what would I like to do?

  1. Cinque Terre — with it’s colorful cliff-side dwellings and complete absence of cars…
  2. Dean’s Blue Hole — (or other Blue Holes if you have a better one) for the sun, the sand, the swimming and the yoga.
  3. Bali — to practice yoga and explore the 11th century temples


  4. New Zealand
  5. Thailand — to immerse myself in the culture — fresh local foods, commuting on scooters, a myriad of yogis
  6. The Greek Isles — including a few days on a boat
  7. Denmark’s Inland Waterways — travelling by day on bikes, and moving through the canals at night on low boats
  8. Tim Miller’s Mt. Shasta California Ashtanga Retreat


  9. Swimming with the Pigs in Exuma


  10. Alaska, The Lavender Fields of Washington, The Rise Festival, Envision Fest,


Next, what were / are 10 of my favorite places (In no particular order)? Places that took my breath away, captivated me, or where I had life altering experiences.

  1. The Old Churches along The High Road between Santa Fe NM and Taos NM (think Santuario de Chimayo)
  2. Sedona.  Not the town so much, but the places nearby… Slide Rock, Red Rock Crossing, Amitabha Stupa,
  3. Big Sur / Esalen / Julia Pfeiffer Burns / Carmel ~ Sunset Park / Sycamore Canyon Beach
  4. Costa Rica (Anamaya Resort / Montezuma  / The Osa / Uvitta)
  5. Nicaragua (Morgan’s Rock Beach)
  6. Georgia’s Mountain Lakes… (Nottely, Blue Ridge, Burton, for example)
  7. Downtown Chicago – The Miracle Mile
  8. Glen Lake, Michigan
  9. Miami Life Center
  10. Tie! Laguna Beach / Santa Monica and the surrounding areas.

Of course compiling a list like this really is not in alignment with how I manifest adventure, so there’s not really any telling where or when I will go… I just trust that I will.

My advice is let go of the notion that you have to stay put, or that it won’t work out, or a hundred other self created obstacles.  Allow grace to enter, and your heart to soar, a smile to embrace your face as your intuition shows you exactly what adventure would be so on your soul’s purpose.




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