Signs You May Be In A Period of Ascension.

I recall discovering this list in 2012, written by Soul Guidance, and suddenly having the “Viola”, “Eureka” moment of epiphany…I have inserted my own observations contained within the context in green.

Ascension Symptoms

1. Abrupt loss of interest in the people and things that held your interest before.

IMG_1571When we speak of self-love, or of being intuitive, or of gaining clarity — this is a key to allowing ourselves to be moved by Spirit into Grace.  Those we have known will react… Either with love, support and compassion or with indignance, anger, or bullying.  I have to add here as well an ABRUPT interest in NEW friends, too.  During this process I have lost old friends, been viewed as a weirdo… and the funny thing is, none of that matters when I am coming from my higher heart.  I am met with a sense of inner purposefulness I wouldn’t trade.  I am also aware of the impact this may have on others, and so I am quick to use the ho’oponopono, as well as the cosmic orbit to bring me into the state of higher consciousness where healing can occur.  

2. You simply cannot do that job any longer, or tolerate that person any more. Done.

There’s a feeling, you will know it… a pull in a new direction.  You’ll know it because your heart sings, your face smiles, or it could also be the feeling of “I just can’t anymore” or even “it’s not about the money”.  In cases like these, it is EGO, posing as rational thought, logic and intellect that will show up as parental sounding voices which will tell us ‘that’s not logical!  you have a perfectly good career!’ When you close your eyes, and think of things, what makes you smile?  Go there.

3. Strange wanderlust or urge to relocate.  You may just * know * where you need to be.

IMG_1546This one is really quite amazing!  I have an image that comes across my timeline and rings like bell each time, and sets me onto another adventure.  Luckily, for me, this came as a BOOM epiphany when a bunch of friends INSISTED I take a road trip hiking in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park late one May.  Up until then for many years I was unable to do anything other than a few days off, always with family.  This trip re-awakened me to my deeper sense of a need to be looking for places and experiences that sing to my soul, and of being unafraid when that tuning fork goes off.  It is true as well, what they wrote that you may just *know* where you need to be.  I also ‘suffer’ from knowing where I am to be ‘for now’ even though I know something else is in the works, and I have to practice the inner art of allowing.

4. Inner need to simplify life. “Why the heck am I carrying around this much junk? I don’t even remember why I wanted them.” is a common sentiment. Declutter and donate your stuff to Goodwill. You may also get the urge to detox your own body.

IMG_7672There’s little to explain here, but I will try anyway.  If you sense clutter…in my experience… things start to feel like rubber bands.
Heavy rubber bands.  Even artwork.  Paintings I saw, fell in love with and had to have… they begin to look like things.  I have had to develop a somewhat ruthless attitude about disposing of items.  Catharsis. I was shocked when this call came, and as I threw things away I felt free.  And as I tried to give these cherished items away, no one wanted them.  My own sentimentality was another way of dodging spiritual growth.  In fact, I had ostensibly created a sort of comfortable prison.  With them went away my one time desire for a big fancy home, a library, etc…  Then next came a desire to start nourishing myself differently.  While I am not yet a vegetarian or vegan, I ALWAYS feel dead after consuming animal protein.  (I wish that change could’ve been the BOOM type epiphany) I sense the need to shift into this, but my mind is still running me.  

5. Sudden change in food preference.
IMG_9965As I mentioned above, this awareness came after ‘cleaning house’… And has intensified with my practice of Ashtanga Yoga.  In fact, not only have I become aware of how clean food effects prana, clarity and spiritual experience, I have been able to witness it over and over again in others.  I was given direct awareness to assist in the ascension of others by co-creating Adore — interestingly this is still my daily struggle – where old habits meet new desires… where old attachments run into clear cut evidence of a positive outcome from change… but it’s still my struggle.  With Adore, I end up being far more empowered, more often.

6. Sudden change in the taste to dress and decorate.

IMG_0762This is actually quite funny to me.  It sort of just happened.   Living in Florida for many years and being a runner and cyclist and outdoors enthusiast I had a tendency to dress to sweat, and then wore scrubs at work.  Even dress up time was casual in south Florida.  In Atlanta I soon learned that there’s a sort of dress code for men.  If you’re out of shape, you dress really lumpy, frumpy, almost slob-like… if you’re in shape, is all fitted clothes, even the jeans… As I began to move more into ascension, it corresponded with my yoga practice.  And I am here to tell you this — Yoga clothes not only fit well, they are super comfy.  I won’t even get into how my taste in interior design has changed == let’s just say it’s completely changed.  For instance on the far left is my Christmas tree, of sorts, complete with a variety of religious experiences from around the world.  And from #4 above that picture is of my clothing taste and , and what my ‘dining room’ looks like – a yoga room.

7. Some people report having a sudden “spiritual awakening,” accompanied with the feeling of clarity and empowerment.IMG_1450

Yes, I would say I am more aware on a daily basis of the presence of spirit and the voice of the God source.  And listening to this has taken me into some really amazing new places.  Probably the most startling 2 epiphanies led to my teaching at and attendingIntuitive Mastery Certificationin Sedona in November
and the other was getting back in touch with and subsequently choosing to work with a
practice management group I worked with for my practice in Florida.  During Intuitive Mastery, I was given the gift of ‘Being deliberately intuitive’, a concept that came as a real ‘spiritual awakening’.  

8. Feeling spacy and detached from the rest of the world.

a ha ha OMG that’s hilarious.  I even have an expression I use for this.  I call it ‘glazing over’… I prefer the japanese term ‘Boketto’ which is a more physical practice of gazing off and not thinking about anything.  I have always attributed my need to space out and detach to being 2 things: first an HSP (The Highly Sensitive Person) and second an empath.  Connection can feel exhausting and overwhelming.  Plus, when people say they are great, or fine and I already know they’re not, it feels like deceit.  I attribute much of my use of mood altering substances as a youth to misunderstanding this, and my relationship with food is connected to this as well.


9. Getting harder and harder to follow conventional thinking.
“What the heck do I care (to keep up with the Jones, to stay in the status, to be organized and considerate, etc.)”

IMG_1413I run into this continuously.  First I lost interest in news on TV.  Then I lost interest in sports on TV.  Then TV.  The I lost interest in Twitter.  I have lost interest in borders, political infighting, and Facebook itself gives me ample opportunity to introspect — what things that I read there feel ‘off’?  Why?  What dogma am I holding onto?  Can I promote health and healing?  How can I mentor my own children to tune into their own life’s purpose, while also not sparing them of life’s experiences?  What about homes, commuting, pollution… Who are my tribe?  How can I help to melt barriers, and bring more peace and brotherhood to this beautiful blue planet?  Who are my teachers, and what are they teaching?  Am I courageous enough to follow my own inner voice?  Am I allowing myself to engage the Hero’s Journey cycle?  Can I follow my bliss?  

10. Absolute need to rest and relax.

The advent of feeling a deep connection to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga has allowed me to give myself the chance to rest and relax.  In my immediate current past life, I once realized I was often alone.  A friend pointed out to me ‘We try to invite you to come hang out with us, but you’re always so busy’.  And she was right.  I had list upon list of things to do, places to go, people to see, miles to run.  Now it’s pretty simple.  Yoga, rest, connect with those I love, work, spend time connecting to source.

IMG_038111. Feeling younger or childlike.  In fact, your friends may notice you look younger.

I recently had someone ask me what I am doing to get younger.  And the only thing I could think was I am young at heart.  I love to jump around and play…try new things… and the sun… there was point in my “career” where I felt 20 years older than my years.  But after a series of epiphanies, within 4 years I felt 20 years younger than my age.  Also: LAUGH and go to concerts.  Wear silly clothes and costumes.


IMG_013112. Urge to do what you like to do.  Again, like a small kid. Being in the joy becomes increasingly important to you, replacing other priorities.

One of the more profound epiphanies was handed to me by my friend Frederick who said, and I paraphrase, “Why don’t you just do what you would’ve done had this not happened?”  And so began a wild adventure — travel, retreats, festivals, truly the beginning of a journey into respecting what I love… 

13. Change in sexual drive.

Certainly there’s a great deal more discernment and desire.  As I have felt increasingly on soul’s purpose I have also felt increasing intimacy, and knowing when something is not something I can happily continue with.  I have also gained clarity in that intimate relationships in order to be as sustainable as is possible, must be mutual and organic.  There’s just no other way.  Turns a little  boom~boom into ‘a divine alignment of each chakra and the blessed union of souls’

14. Change in sleep patterns.  
Sometimes you wake up at 3 or 4 am every night, sometimes you sleep 10 hours or take a long nap.IMG_0083

Boy is that true.

15. Physical symptoms such as ringing in the ear, change in vision (sometimes daily), or strange itching and twitching around the body.

We really covered this at great length in the Intuitive Mastery course.  There are many ways spirit gets our attention.  Clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience… and more.  Plus Angel numbers, lyrics, ‘coincidences’… Once we wake up to this the list just gets longer and longer.  One close friend gets ‘chills’ as a confirmation of spiritually on purpose.

16. And some report switching back and forth between the new way and the old way. Well, this can happen if you don’t allow yourself to be in the new way.

IMG_1435_2I want to say yes, you can ‘sort of’ be back and forth… but it’s not the same as before.  It’s go back a little and feel awkward, resistant, off purpose, even a little beat up or sad… then start moving in the intended direction again and lighten and elevate… it’s like waking up stairs that appear via faith under foot, and start disappearing below.  There’s a saying, too, that I feel is appropriate here ‘Some people aspire to a life of spirit, but for others, spirit grabs you’… I have known more than a few who said “hey, I don’t want this awareness”… and try to fight it.  That’s ultimately not going to work.  Surrender is the surest way to victory.  Dogma and attachment are the surest form of suffering.  Ignorance and resistance leads to chaos.  And it’s hard enough because chaos exists without our adding to it.  And by the way,”Pizza, you are NOT my bae.”

Each person’s sensitivity is different. These are not temporary symptoms, with Ascension soul shift, this is going to be your new way, so you are best to embrace the changes. With Ascension soul shift, your existing soul crosses over without the physical death, and you receive a new version of soul, so it’s a way of being born again. What is great is we retain the body and the knowledge we have accumulated. You are the same person, yet you are new. So the best way to go around is to embrace the new you rather than resisting it. So where are we headed to? Becoming a lightbody and achieving immortality is one possibility. Remembering the various psychic / supernatural / extrasensory abilities we possess is another. Together, we are creating the New World, or the new version of heaven on Earth.

The way to ascend, then, is:
To be open to this change, the shift of ages, the Ascension.  ALLOWING
To increase the vibration by aligning more with Divine Love, Light, Truth, Abundance and Power. ENTER THETA
To embrace the changes including Ascension soul shift. KNOW AND BE INTENTIONALLY INTUITIVE
To live in the Now.  LET GO OF THE THEN

Ascension happens in the Now, not in the future. Or more accurately, Ascension is about breaking the illusion of time. Ascension is a natural process, and you will be guided to do what you need to do. In a sense, you don’t have to try to ascend at all.

Soul Guidance (Each One & Teach One)”

As we begin to live in this solution, we begin to feel more on purpose when we are on purpose, and we also will face things that look and feel like challenges — this is when we really need others around us to assist us in staying awake, to help us come back to truth, and also to use any tools that might assist us in making the path to the higher heart and higher self easier to access, because it is always there.

As Yoda said,”There is no try, there is only do” or something like that, I am not sure because I sort of lost interest in movies too.



2 thoughts on “Signs You May Be In A Period of Ascension.

  1. Hey Bill, Nice to hear from you! I think I’ll dumb it all down to yoga, rest, work, connect with the ones I love, spend time connecting to source. I like that. Maintaining balance has always been my challenge.

    All the best to you and your boys!


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