How one dog I knew only from social media taught me about unconditional love and complete devotion

11139478_10206480524276318_1866949678_nThe other day as I was ‘listening’ through my soul’s eye to the words that came to me through instagram, my facebook feed, and my text and email (we can discuss this later) I came across a picture of a wonderful human, let’s call her Nicole, with her beloved (and recently departed ) pup let’s say her name was ‘Maizy’…

And I began to reminisce about how I had seen both photos and videos of this delightful spirit, Maizy, and how she humbly yet enthusiastically lived her life. In particular, this dog had a love affair for empty, but not cleaned, peanut butter jars.  And that’s where this story comes from.

11124577_10206480524316319_1237466483_nAt the time I would look at these images and smile, I mean really happily smile, and lose myself in what the feeling of being so lost in something you love can feel like.

The other day one of her pictures popped up again, and I was immediately transported to the joy of that pup, experiencing the depth of flavor of her beloved jar, while at the same time being present for the rest of her daily life. I reached out to Nicole and asked her if she minded sharing some pictures and a little history of Maizy with me. Nicole was so open to this, and immediately got back to me.

11130708_10206480530796481_260617208_n“I rescued her from Philadelphia Animal Control when she was 9 months old, so she was with me for about 10 years before she died. She was a scrawny 27 lb pound pup when I rescued her and she grew up to be 75lbs. She “worked” as a therapy dog visiting the elderly once a week and going to the library every weekend where children would practice reading to her until a health issue (she broke her tail) caused us to stop going while she recovered (and then we didn’t make it back because of time issues on my end – also, she would sleep for two days after visiting the elderly – it took a lot out of her). She had the best personality. She loved people. She was friends with everyone she ever met.”

Let me give you a little more background into who I am… Obviously I am a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person – read Elaine Aron’s website ) and since a young age I have had experiences with things that are a tad strange and supernatural.  Honestly life could become uncomfortable enough that I wanted them to go away, and sometimes tried to make them go away. But 11131797_10206480524356320_1704846195_nas an adult, I have learned to welcome intuitive hits, soul connections, all things of a ‘tribal’ nature, of dharma and karma, and of trying to live closer to authentically on my soul’s purpose, not an easy task for a man who spent most of his adult life trying to stifle his intuitive awareness with logic and resistance.

So what is it about this pup that compelled me to write. It’s that I can actually feel the joy she is feeling. It’s expressed in a humorous, ‘dog’ manner. Seeing the pictures ‘change’ my vibration. And I can tune into that joy, and experience it for myself. And that’s what I wanted to share with you. To be right where you are, and then possibly, to tune in, and feel the shift into the complete love and devotion this wonderful spirit exhibits.  I see her and she’s ‘all love’.  I imagine her thought bubble as something like this: “I love this walk.  I love Nicole. And I love this jar.  This is the best moment ever.  No, now is.  Wait, no now!! ”  And so on.

Yes I know it’s a dog and a peanut butter jar, but my world of the spiritual, and in my experience, this is how the ‘message’ is sent to me. An unexpected messenger appears and rings a bell, a tuning fork, that is too true to ignore.

In those moments I have learned to slow down and really listen.

11120579_10206480530716479_205912695_nI am reminded that the answers are inside us. And usually the answer is to let go more, to trust more, to move away from that or those who consistently bring us pain or sorrow.  Even now, just looking at these pictures of Maizy spending her day with jar make me smile, laugh and chuckle.  They also remind me that not only is it okay to show genuine affection, but that open heartedness is a sign of our indomitable spirit… there’s a calm warm enthusiasm and confidence about it.  It’s not cold and detached or aloof.  It’s ALL IN.  Right up until the moment we fall asleep again.

So it’s not really about who said what, whether they looked at their phone, or any of that.  It’s about being a dog.  A dog with a jar.


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