Moving Toward Joy

The other day I came upon this image:IMG_3629

I immediately began to revisit some recent conversations, and some observations about what things about other’s life trajectory that really got me feeling happy and enthusiastic, light and motivated.

A friend and I talked about her family moving to Portland, and gradually into what we call a ‘Tiny Home’ ( … I get very sunshiny when I think of relocating to the west and the subject of either artisanal unique small homes or adaptive re-use… about workmanship, and unique designs.

IMG_3614I recently talked to two men with whom I share a career and both of whom made a conscious decision to leave the profession. They talked about the emotional struggle and the years tied up in making a heartfelt shift, but ultimatelyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA their ease and joy for having done so. This too connected me to a powerful sense of well being and hope.

Everyday I see and talk to and read about my loving friends who are tapping into their intuitive, their healing, and their desire to teach others to become more powerful in their choices. I can literally picture myself doing the same.  Some are already in positions where they feel on purpose, while others are in the same process I am — sometimes it seems illogical, yet it is the next right thing.

IMG_2961When I visit organic juice stores I always study everything there with an innate desire for that knowledge. I feel myself lift, elevate and see a purpose.  I can feel myself vibrating at a different level.  I beam.

As I experience adventures – travel, retreats, festivals, concerts… yoga studios here and there, and places where I meet like minded individuals — I feel most alive and at home, among the healthy and open hearted; the open minded.

At other times however there is a much heavier, much darker awareness as I continue to pursue something I originally did with conviction and great sense of divine purpose. In the past several years, it has become a means to an ends only. At a deeper level I do still have a sense of purpose contained within regarding this, but that the way I do it has to change if I am to be on my soul’s purpose.  For instance today I spoke with my CPA who believes that by taking the time away from work to explore our hopes and dreams accepts that there are punishments for this… And while it is logical to think and say that there are consequences for each action or inaction, the very thought of this is such a negative vibration I immediately turn away from it.  I do not believe in the need to be punished for our dharma.


What would I do if I knew I could not fail?  I would make an abrupt change to the amount of time I spend in my office, and the thriving office would support my employees and partner, as well as cover expenses and leave me income too.

Second, I would incorporate the business idea I have, and outfit one or two bikes.  I would set up card readers on phones, and we would start delivering our product to local parks and festivals as the weather gets warmer.  I am attracting a team to assist in this healthy adventure.adore van

Third I will get underway with Yoga teacher training, for the purpose of deepening my understanding of the practice and to provide me an opportunity to teach.

Fourth I would continue to travel to new places, really focusing upon whether a place resonates with me as a primary location to reside.  I am open to relocating.


In the meantime I would continue to practice and add more in-studio time.  I would continue to stay close to and aware of what makes me feel alive.  I am inspired by what I am learning and feeling, and am connected to myself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Fifth, I am open to all possibilities, not just the ones that occur to me consciously, but also to those that miraculously happen.  Not just business, but in all things.


Today I saw this Abraham-Hicks quote,
and will remind myself that everyday will
contain myriad gifts, and I am open
to discovering them.



Yesterday after writing most of this, I began to feel very anxious.  This happens often when I write.  I write from the heart, and the critical voices do still come up.  I felt naked, and thought perhaps I would delete this article.  However, I regained my purpose:  If my experience and observation can help even one person, then it is worth confronting my own fears.




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