Hello World… or Hello Private Journal!

It’s been a really interesting year thus far.

I weighed whether or not to actually ever write using this format ever again.

I took any of you who regularly read this blog on a journey with me. It all started out professionally, from a business perspective, but then evolved into a more experientially based ‘share’ about living my life and about trying to tap into clarity and intuition while remaining genuine…

At a certain point, going through what I was going through  (divorce, dating, love and even a broken heart…) it was just too much.  My sharing became private and personal and with only those who I trust.  I believe that was correct for me.  And maybe there’s a lesson in there for you as well.

It was through this process of ‘feeling’ and staying in touch with that… not trying to cover over it with distractions, that I discovered some amazing friends…again… I was transparent with them, and they supported me, loved me, and gave me information and feedback which helped me tune in to what I intuitively needed to do, and to tune into what I was supposed to be learning…

And then…moments ago…it occurred to me  that I entitled this blog ‘synergy’ and that by definition means:

Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergia συνέργια from synergosσυνεργός, meaning “working together”.


I am actually sitting here smiling as I realize the delicious synchrodestiny.

You might even say this is an epiphany.  A paradigm shift.  A revelation.  A spiritual experience… A shift.


I have discovered that the ‘journey’ I thought, NO, KNEW I was on… was not as I concluded, and therefore the dream I thought was broken, was not a dream, but an illusion.  The journey was that in showing up for my own life, and being an open heart, of reducing and of eliminating my expectations, and of really letting go… that I was surrounded by helpers and by guides and learned that the journey is THAT.


My trusted friends gave me that… infinite love

I want to claim that I know I am far from perfect.  I make many mistakes.  I am human.  And yet I am, today, closer to fine than I have been in a long time.  I respect myself for making difficult decisions to follow an intuitive path that sometimes defies logic.  And I am please to have given myself the opportunity to travel and be open to new experiences.

Following my passions and allowing love in has been the best part of my journey… thus far.


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