The Process of Discovery

It’s been a couple of weeks.

During this time I have stayed open to discovering whatever it is I am supposed to be discovering at this time…
to get what i need to get…
about how I relate…
about common human reactions to loss or perceived loss…
about attachment…
about being alone…
about being together…
about looking for clarity and definition in my own life…
about ‘who I am’ and what’s true for me, without a person next to me to validate me and reflect back …
about men’s health…
about codependency…
and the difference between acting out of fear and anything else…


The first thing I have to say is that it has NOT been ‘easy’ for me to feel all that’s been going on inside me. On the other hand… It has. I mean, it’s easy, because all I have had to do is ‘show up’ and not die!  HA!! The days go by. Just as they did. The difference is in being very aware of my thought life… of my sensations… of the feelings I am having…

Messages that help create clarity come from everywhere – I was in an Ashtanga class the other night when the instructor mentioned quite casually that if there is some pain in a posture, it’s not a bad thing… it’s just a sensation… not to run from a new sensation or alter what I am doing because I deem it uncomfortable… but to try to stay with it and see what lies below that discomfort. I did stay in the posture and the pain subsided as the muscle relaxed…

And in life, one thing I was taught recently… is that the very things I try to ‘fix’ simply turn deeper IN… they are not fixed. They are not ‘processed’… Furthermore, through this process of discovery I was prompted to be clear about being clear… To ask for clear signs.  To know that clarity is the pathway to inner peace.  And I discovered that there’s nothing wrong with NOT being at peace.

Feel, don’t fix. It is what it is. Uncover, discover, recover…It will take whatever time it takes. I understand and accept those answers, and that old part of me RAILS against it… “Cover it! Protect Yourself… STOP IT… Hide… Basically it’s in fear for it’s life” That still small voice is growing a new muscle.  Yeah, I discovered that too.

My natural tendency is NOT to be public… not to be open… to hide and to isolate until I figure things out or feel better… to tell you all the GREAT stuff and HOW GOOD I am doing.

To be public, to openly discuss how I am doing, and to do it until I am tired of doing it has resulted in some TRULY amazing manifestations — mostly of ‘people’ showing up and offering empathy, support, generosity, inclusion, quality time, and love. This is the process that WORKS for me.  To be open, and transparent, and to own up. This I have discovered is the prosper use and power of social media, at least, for me.

I have been discovered this to be a time of introspection, and have been given assignments — things to read and to write… guides to help me turn inward and ascertain what the lessons are… but under no circumstances to run away.  I have also discovered I can move forward, alone. I can travel and participate in some adventures with people of a like mind… Costa Rica in April… North Carolina Memorial Day weekend… And a Wanderlust Festival in Tahoe in July… Would I prefer to share these things with someone?  Yes.  Why?  That’s the question I will discover.

Random new people showing up and thanking me for being genuine and for being real, for they too were feeling the same feelings and going through the same things, and afraid to say it…  People who ‘get it’…  It’s really been quite the display of ‘synchrodestiny’… unresolved, because it doesn’t need to be.

Picking up things like this:

Raising Vibrations... How To
Raising Vibrations… How To

“Vibration ~ Vibration ~ Vibration …

….. How to raise your vibration …

Vibration is one of the 7 Natural Laws of the Universe, it is everywhere, it is in constant motion and flux ~ it influences those around you and also everything at the quantum level.

Learning how to raise and master your vibration will have a ripple effect, bringing positive changes to every area of your life.

We begin learning how to raise our vibration by releasing thoughts and feelings that do not serve us, here are a few other simple ways to begin raising your vibration … more advanced techniques will be covered on another page, first let’s begin easing into it!

1. Movement … moving your body will amp your vibes and rev up your energy … dancing, tai chi, yoga, stretching, hiking, biking, skiing …

2. Decluttering, feng shui, “spring cleaning” … gives our home and ourselves new energy

3. Prepare a beautiful meal for friends and family

4. Meditate, creative visualization, praying, using affirmations, reading inspiring books, watching inspiring movies

5. Music…Singing, drumming etc or listening to positive new age/ uplifting music

6. Breathwork…. deep breathing and yoga breathing

7. Spending time in nature … Going for a walk or spending time near water, or in your garden

8. Surround yourself positive people, or immerse yourself in a beautiful peaceful, happy environment

9. Practice letting go and forgiveness, (see my letting go ceremony)

10. Giving and receiving healing … massage, reiki, energy work …. take a healing salt bath

11. Do random acts of kindness for others, give compliments, show appreciation, make a homemade gift for someone special

12. Use aromatherapy and candles creating an environment to access a deeper sense of self

13. Use guided meditation, color meditation, solfeggio and harmonic sound therapy

14. Spend time nurturing your dreams by dream~boarding and vision scrap~booking

15. Ask Spirit to enter your being and raise your vibration ~ sit in stillness and just absorb the “Light”

16. Giving Blessings to the planet, to the animal and plant kingdom, to other people

17. Play … be playful and just enjoy playing

18. Laughter and Joy …. watch a funny movie, play with your kids or grandkids, bounce a happy baby, play with your pets

19. Lay in the sun, or in the moonlight and soak up the mystery and love

20. Sacred ceremony or rituals to create deep energy alignments to Spirit and to your desires… fire ceremonies, moon ceremonies, abundance ceremonies etc….

And there are countless other ways …. use your imagination and follow what lights you up!

A few more notes on how to raise your vibration….

Of course, there are times when you will feel low, just allow yourself to rest and be still in these times … Your Spirit is asking for alone time with you. At these times be extra gentle with yourself, listening to healing meditations for inner peace and listening to healing music will be transformative to your mind body spirit.

Manifesting your desires is easier with the energy and frequency of higher vibrations. Your vibrations are a Golden Key.

Begin practicing to choose and control your vibrations as much as possible, in this way you begin being a conscious creator ~ you are creating your state of mind and your state of being …. this is where it begins, manifesting your desires begins with self.

Presley Love”

Over the past 2 weeks I have discovered that there are a great number of intelligent, spiritual men, not afraid of what may be judged as their sensitive or feminine side, who are, incidentally,  heterosexual (for my homophobic friends, and which is of no relevance) and with whom I share a common bond.  These men have shown me great support, and I continue to appreciate them… You guys ROCK!

Also over the past 2 weeks I have discovered that the women I know ( and I think it’s because of my work that I am usually in the company of women, and appreciate their openness, their desire to find identity above and outside of a relationship, how they view their health and nutrition and fitness, and the way the mother their children…)seem to be a lot more evolved.  I learn from them and appreciate them.

“Enlightenment does not consist of pretending to be where we are not; enlightenment means being in touch with where we are and being willing to learn what God or the Universe would have us learn from it. Sometimes the purpose of a day is to merely feel our sadness, knowing that as we do we allow whole layers of grief, like old skin cells, to drop off us.”

~Marianne Williamson

I am totally okay today, just being in the midst of this.  It feels honest.  I am really already okay!  This is real and full of STUFF!

Peace & Love


PS Happy Valentines Day


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