Riding the wave…

Those of you who follow this blog know about my year — 2012 —

Changes Ahead
Changes Ahead

one of significant changes…and there are previous blog entries about those changes I want you to read… I am moving on.  As I have read and heard so many times “I do not regret the past, nor do I wish to shut the door on it.  I can see how it benefits both myself and others…”

So, yes on April 17, 2012, I suffered a mini stroke, which lasted about 90 minutes and kept me hospitalized for 2.5 days.  The results:  taking an enteric coated aspirin every day.  No readily identifiable risk factors were detected from CAT scan, MRI, MRI contrast, Carotid Doppler, Cardiac Bubble Test, All blood tests including clotting studies and other blood chemistry.  I wore a cardiac event monitor for 4 weeks to see if there was an Atrial Fibrillation but none was detected.  I was told to resume my normal healthy lifestyle, and I did.  I of course was given the caveat to be aware of how I felt, and to let people know if I felt poorly.

I suffered some panic attacks in the days after the mini-stroke.  It was difficult going to sleep in the bed I had awoken in partially numb and paralyzed.  As instructed I spoke to my neurologist about this and she suggested a counselor, and denied any awareness of this being a common complaint.  Though I trust her, I question the veracity of that.

Like many things, one day at a time, one step at a time, those panicky feelings subsided.  I can honestly say, too that wearing a three lead cardiac monitor 24 / 7 for 4 weeks was in itself stressful.  I took it off to run, to shower, and woke up more than a few times tangled in wires to the sound of beeping alarms requiring me to reattach.  Still, better than an implanted sensor.  In a few short weeks it was done.

In an effort to follow through and ‘report’ how I was feeling  I made appointments with my physician, Dr. Christine Gustafson.  She was terrific.  Her insights, her approach and her ability to hone in on and treat me has been supremely helpful.  We implemented some dietary changes, some supplements, some behavioral changes and some acupuncture sessions.  HUGE improvements.

Life Surfing
Life Surfing

In the weeks leading up to the stroke I was trained to run a sub 1:45 half marathon.  I only missed 2 days of running.  But I came back with a case of caution.  I curtailed my longer runs and held back on the pace.  I had planned a trip to Nashville for this race and would have opted out of the trip, too, but had promised a friend I’d be on hand for her very first marathon completion.

So, off to Nashville I went with my friends.  I stayed at the very nice Union Station.  The weather for the race was hot and humid.  I went off in corral B.  I had given up on running my race, but instead glad to be running at all, much less, walking, talking, moving, living and breathing.  I was on pace for a sub 1:50, adjusting my pace for the heat and humidity.  At around 8.5 a sudden, sharp, immobilizing pain in my left calf halted me.  I tried to rub, stretch and walk it off… Finally, resigned to knowing no matter what I had to get back to the starting line, I gingerly jogged the last 4.6 miles.  I painfully finished the race at 1:58.  My worst half marathon ever.  Never mind the tribulations, facts are facts.

Running with the King

I took the next 7 days off from running.  Gradually I got back into it, running slow, careful, calculated runs.  I can tell that injury is also healing up.  Over a period of 8 weeks I gradually rebuilt my mileage base and tempo.  I have run a

1st Place A.G.
1st Place A.G.

5k race, and finished with a 22:20… A bit slower than usual but still quick enough to take an age group 1st place.  This was a fun morning on the Beltline and a really nice indicator that the leg was healing up.  I have continued to conservatively rebuild my running program.

Along those same lines, I have recently been given the chance to move into and clean up / rehab a tiny historic cottage in Roswell.  This is exactly the therapeutic kind of thing I love.  And the rent is super affordable… half what I was paying.  It’s nice to be in a place on my own.  And although it’s on a main street, with terrible parking, it does feel like a home.  I lovingly refer to it as ‘My Little Slum’.

And now for the BIG news!  I have been working in earnest the past 2 years investing my time and energy into a dental practice with the intention of purchasing it so that the senior doctor could retire and go enjoy his free time.  Strangely, when the time finally rolled around where we had to ‘get serious’ about drafting agreements and contracts — it became evident that this was not the right practice for me at this time.  And although I did ALL the necessary leg work and paper work and was approved for the commercial loan to buy, I had to ask for 2 concessions in order to make it work for me.  And none were offered.

With that in mind I contacted a number of brokers and jump started the process of finding a better fit for my next career move.  Quickly, and with ease and grace, I found just the right place.  So, beginning on August 20th, I will once again be practicing in a place I can call my own.  The retiring doc has a lovely, energetic staff, and I brought my own Executive Assistant, Michelle, who is a godsend.  I must tell you – it’s been years since I felt this enthusiastic about my career and the direction I am taking.

Our website, currently under construction, will be located here: www.CantonHeightsDental.com  In the meantime, you can locate our Facebook Business Page here: https://www.facebook.com/CantonHeightsDental?ref=hl

Here’s our sign:

Canton Heights Dental
Canton Heights Dental

It is at this point I would like to stop.  This has been a very long post and thank you for reading.  I promise that as we move forward I will be back to Funtivities and Management Parables!  And brevity.  I sincerely appreciate all the love and support you show.  Especially from the Twitter community…  I initially started this blog because I have expertise to offer in a variety of areas, however it turns out that YOU have been a huge and gratefully appreciated part of my life, as I surf on.



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