A Spring Awakening in Pictures (props to MFDre)

I recently read MFDre’s (http://themfdre.com/2012/04/03/a-spring-awakening-in-pictures)

Spring Awakening blog post and realized I too am a huge fan of spring… There’s a palpable change in the world I live in, and it’s a real delight to my senses.  There’s so much to like about the cool mornings, bursting colors, and warm evenings.  I’ll let the pictures and captions tell the rest of the story…

Spring begins lake season
The warm spring weather creates opportunities for boating on our Georgia lakes.
Women runners are BEAUTIFUL
In the spring, the women runners are out in droves. Whats not to like.
Spring Trail Running
With the longer days and time change I can take advantage of the evening and get a trail run in after work...
Spring: Off with the shirt
Although initially 'impossibly white' I prefer as it heats up to run with my shirt off. I'm no nudist, but I just prefer the feel of sun and air on my skin over a drenched running top.
Al fresco dining
Here in Atlanta, spring is primo outdoor dining weather.
Chattahoochee River
I run along the river year 'round... but in the spring there are more people, which is sometimes nice, and I appreciate that it's 10 degrees cooler down by the water's edge.
Kwanzan Cherry
The brilliant flowering trees of Georgia are a real feast for the eyes.

Welcome to spring… Soon… Ahhh… Summer!


4 thoughts on “A Spring Awakening in Pictures (props to MFDre)

  1. LOVE THIS! You’re spring awakening is beautiful (and I don’t blame you for liking the scantily clad female runners). I’m partial to the shirtless runners myself. 🙂


    • Thanks Gail, yes spring can really put a smile on my face. I find winter to be a tad long, even one as mild as this immediate past.

      I looked at your blog too, and really enjoyed the marathon story!


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