Two Upcoming Races

On my calendar are several races.  The next 2 are a little more interesting perhaps than the others, or at least closer in a time sense.  The first is The Blankets Creek Dirty Duathlon, which consists of an 11+ mile mountain bike ride (ridden by my team mate Blair Sperry) and a 10K Trail Run.

When I run a trail race, my mindset is ‘pure fun’.  I think of it as a training run, and focus on just carefully yet steadily completing the course.  The last 2 trail races I ran I won little trophy type things, so; bonus!  Yet that’s really not my goal.  My goal in trail running is to get loose enough to get that feeling of being like a little kid running thru the woods… It’s all arms and legs and Woooooo Hoooooo… at least on the down hill stretches.  Usually the trail races leave me sore for a day or two, but its worth it.

The next race is The Nashville RnR 1/2 Marathon April 28th.  I put the 1/2 Marathon distance at the top of my length for running.  Beyond that I get bored.  I prefer to run a little faster, and seem to thrive in the middle distances… I know this about my body.  My running calendar includes some hills, some tempo runs and the all important LSD runs leading up to the day.  Back in November I had hoped for a 1:45 and a series of injuries, all preventable lead me to a painful yet satisfying 1:49.  I don’t have a goal for this one.  My goal is to train according to the schedule, address the ‘preventables’, and then see how it goes.  I will know what pace I have trained at.  The variables will be the weather and a new location.  This is also a race where some @DailyMile runners and great friends will be running together, as well as some of my BP Runners Image

Both events look to be fun, fit, interesting explorations… And that’s what this is all about…




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