A Modest Epiphany

I have always enjoyed writing. I was made aware that I have some idea of how to express myself using the written word during 7th grade when a purple haired English teacher took an interest. Ever since then I have been writing. Sometimes prolific, sometimes profound and sometimes pathetic, but almost always writing something.

With the advent of modern social media, this innate skill has served me well and helped me connect with people all over the world. Text messaging, for example, and Twitter as another, fall directly into my comfort zone. I find myself saying at times (and in part due to the poor audio qualities of my iPhone) “hang up and text me”… But mostly because given a few seconds, written words flow from my mind, whereas spoken words sometime remind me of the hilarious Jim Carrey scene in Dumb & Dumber where he rehearses his love confession to the unsuspecting Mary. The rehearsed speech is beautiful dramatic and successful… The spoken actual confession shocks and horrifies her instead. Perfect.

When I launched a concept business called Your Practice Just Better, it was my intent to see if I could passively build a Dental Practice Management, Consulting and Coaching business utilizing primarily electronic media, writing, and social media, including blogging. I chose not to professionally market the business, instead sticking to the concept of being truly passive. If the business was to succeed it must pass the test of being both remotely operable and able to stand on its own without the usual business trappings of staff, external marketing and location. I chose to develop a blog as a means of displaying practical management and personal development techniques that I know work, as an effort to subtly promote the business.

While the business ultimately did not take off, I did end up with a blog, and I did end up getting busy in my career doing the stuff I used to do.

And that leads me to my point.

I had been choosing at first to share on my blog some nice simple managerial philosophies… But then as I let go of the dream of becoming a Practice Management Consultant, I began to share about experiences I was having. It was just me, writing a journal, for anyone who cared to read it. And I liked it. There was a sort of vague curiosity about ‘wonder where this will lead’ or ‘can anyone relate’ or ‘will this actually help some else’…

But in January I wrote a piece about my ongoing divorce. It was hard to do. Then I froze in my tracks. Positive response of 100% and a host of new friends (as we call them nowadays) could not melt my chill. Frozen, I returned to journaling, using a beautiful leather bound book a good friend gave me for Christmas… I have written probably 50 pages of fairly intense personal process in that journal. This blog was paralyzed.

My epiphany was sudden, as I woke up this morning. There was no rule that said I had to write any more at all, publicly, about my divorce… About the experiences and feelings I am having as a result of facing the direct consequences of a huge decision I made. Seems so simple and obvious now. Ha! I love that. Instead I can go back to sharing the stuff I’m comfortable sharing and journaling the stuff I’m not!

That said, it feels good to be back. Full of the usual lightness of being I generally experience. Full of fresh air and tales from exercise outdoors and my life as a runner. And if I need to drop something personal or painful on you every now and then as part of a healthy cleansing catharsis then so be it.

Well, I’m off for a run… Thank you for reading.



One thought on “A Modest Epiphany

  1. As always, I love to read your blogs. Many times I can relate, reuse, and even replay in my mind going forward. Glad our paths have crossed and may I one day inspire you in just a fraction of the amount you have inspired me.

    Your partner in pie….


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