But I don’t Want to be Injured… :-(

1992 River's Edge Half Marathon

Two Years ago a good friend noticed how well my running was progressing since starting back up 3 years ago after a solid 8 year hiatus. (We can talk more about “that little occurrence” later…) She suggested the Atlanta Half Marathon (http://www.atlantahalfmarathon.org/)… The first year, I declined, citing these excuses:
1. I don’t think racing is the best thing for me because I get so competitive with myself
2. It’s Thanksgiving and I cook, so not the best day…
3. It’s a long distance

Then the strangest thing happened. I started winning some races! Age group of course (I’m 52). More importantly I was really LOVING running again. I felt great. I was slim and trim again. The heart and lungs and legs all functioning like I remember. Beautiful. My training runs got faster. Much faster… the 9 minute mile dropped to 8:50 then 8:30 the 8:10 then 8:00 and leveled off for now there… But the 5k’s at 21:30 were something I didnt really aspire to! They just happened.

I decided I DO want to run the half. All I really had to do was add some long runs and build that base and “Voila!!” I am there. So I started training and entered.

Everything was going great until my 2nd 12 mile run. I began to feel a little crampy in the hamstring during the last mile. Thought just depletion of electrolytes… no biggie… but the next day was OUCH! I began in ernest to rehab the thing. I slowed down, cut miles, iced, elevated, anti-inflammatory meds… and it responded. I had to DNF a 5k one saturday because it got real painful, but within a week I took 3rd (age group) at a 5.6 mile trail race.

I have been dealing with a little arch related injury (deltoid ligament / plantar fascitis) for which I used @KTTAPE with great success…and decided that maybe a little different show might help there. I grabbed a couple pair of @Saucony kicks with the 4mm wedge (Cortana and Kinvara) and really loved the feel of them. I did test them out on 3, 4 , 5 & 6 mile runs with no issues. Then I ran an 11 mile run in the Cortana one day, and it was too far in a shoe with different biomechanics. My burning calf muscles said so. Since then I have been dealing with a slightly strained Achilles on the left leg. Injury number 2.

Disappointed, I once again modified my plan. I cut more miles, increased the ice baths, used Penetrex, etc… and all is well. A good final 13 miler at 8:20 (yes not full speed) run told me I was coming along well.

Saturday called for a final run above 6 miles (9.28 — 9-10 was the goal) and off I went. A little over a mile in I was coming to a corner on a downhill and suddenly rolled my left foot. OUCH!!! I hopped around, stopped, tested it out… not too bad… Just keep going. It settled right down – that kind of thing. But that night and Sunday night it was really tender and hurt to walk, and somewhat black and blue. I kept is wrapped tight and elevated it.

I was having the feeling that the all seeing all knowing Power That Is wanted me to not run this 1/2 marathon. Or maybe it’s just coincidence.Or maybe it’s something I am supposed to work through and learn from… And be accountable for and get help with… Yeah, that seems about right.

Plantar Fascitis - Check. Achilles Tendinitis - Check. Hamstring Strain - Check.

In any event I am now day-to-day leading up to the race. I imagine I’ll be good, maybe sore, and maybe taped up. At least I am trained up, and race ready, otherwise. I hope I am good to go, because after the race I am going to take a week off from running and focus on cross training – mountain and road biking, core strengthening and introducing kettle ball workouts.

It’s Tuesday. The race is Thursday. I am on day 3 of self-imposed rest, and I feel great. I intend to go. I will listen to my body and probably not race, but just run. My vision of coming in under 1:45 I have let go of. I will keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “But I don’t Want to be Injured… :-(

  1. At our age I think you can agree, this time we’re doing it for life. We’d rather continue to run injury free than win a race, n’est pas? I took an 18 year break and have dealt with a few injuries since returning 2 yrs ago due to my body no longer doing what my mind wants it to do. I am hoping to run at least another 20 years & I bet you are too. Go enjoy that half mary with your friend and ignore that secret goal you have that you haven’t told anyone about. (Don’t deny it, you know you have it :))


  2. Holy Cow! I feel so transparent. Yes I was totally going to try to get under 1:45. What I really want is to remain lean, fit and able to participate for my life at a high level. Thanks for your reply, means a lot to me.


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