How Do I Handle Prosperity?

Prosperity requires I exit and change direction.

How Do I Handle Prosperity?

On the drive in the office this morning I was listening to Kurt Herbstreit offer his commentary on NCAA college football.  (I find his analysis to be insightful and generally spot on, even in spite of his being a hated Buckeye)… He made the most unusual comment regarding a particular college football team who in the past 4 or 5 years had shown promise, had talented skilled players, but who ultimately underachieved, due to any number of reasons.  Then he said it.  “We will see how they handle prosperity”.

It was one of those moments for me.  Someone unexpected throwing down a spiritual axiom, at a time I am not consciously thinking about such things.  Obviously this resonated with me, as you are now reading my observation.  I know from personal experience that ‘God talks to me through others’ and that perhaps this was what I like to call a ‘crystalline moment’, by which I mean something pure and clear occurs and sets me in a new, better, direction.

I had been lamenting feeling as if I was ‘sliding’ (More about this later) nutritionally.  I was afraid.  My fitness regime is leading me in the proper direction: I feel great!  I feel more at 52 like I did at 32!!  At 45 I felt 65.  I credit my progress to 5 influential women (Dr. G, CC, LH, LBK and JC – all of whom show continued support and great ideas for health and exercise), and to my ability be both willing and persistent.

How am I handling Prosperity?  Am I grateful for the gains, the benefits from the efforts I have put forth?  Absolutely I am.  Am I using those positive gains as reinforcement for redoubling my efforts and sustaining new habits?  Well, honestly, the answer is ‘sometimes’ – and ‘sometimes’ is the equivalent of “No”.  The point that Kirk Herbstreit was making was exactly to this point.  Prosperity has made me less attentive to little, essential details.

When I achieve a level of success do I then continue to practice the steps that made that success possible, or do I revert back to the comfortable habits I developed before that lead me to a place where change was mandatory.  The good news is that today I received this excellent message, right on time, and today I am renewing my efforts to do what got me here.

How are you handling prosperity?


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