What is your end point?

There’s a glib yet eerily prophetic saying that ‘those who fail to plan’ ostensibly ‘plan to fail’.

I tend to disagree, even though I am planner of goals… It’s been my experience that planning (our lives, our days, our financial future, our love life, whatever, really) really does assist me in creating a new reality or a new direction (provided the caveat that ‘it is in the greater good’). Not having an objective conversely does not mean we will not have a joyful life filled with successes – but only that for many of us, having a goal helps us to see tangible evidence of our desires becoming realities. I envy those who seemingly live life simply and completely in faith without planning and goal setting, however I am not that person. I am open and willing to become a convert!

With that in mind, I recall being asked, “What is your endpoint?” during a coaching and practice management course I was involved with. What kept coming to mind for me was that of being a healthy 80 year version of myself, running a 5K, and being supported by my friends and family across the finish line. It’s still a vision I hold for myself, and which never fails to make me smile. I stated this endpoint, but unfortunately, I was chastised at the time, because the context of the question was to be within the constraints of the practice of dentistry. (Or, in other words, what was the apex of practice for me…)

I then re-thought the specific assignment, with my existing endpoint in mind. And I was amazed at all that ‘I thought’ needed to happen personally and professionally in order to make that happen.

I plan to break all of that down over the coming blog posts.

However for now, for today, I ask you “What is your endpoint?”


The link below with take you to my wordpress.org blog to read this short article.



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