Picking up where one leaves off…

Have you ever had a friend come back into your life after an extended period? I have. There’s the initial excitement over having found them or having been found and reconnecting… We laugh about some of the good times, maybe remind one another of some long forgotten event, then catch each other up… It’s almost as if nothing has really changed; still friends, but life goes on…

That’s how this blog is.

It was my intention to fill you in on how I like to ‘back out’ goals and dreams from their endpoints, right back into real time today’s world – so I can make small, manageable changes in course today, and help myself to make that dream a reality.

Yet, when it gets right down to it, sometimes it’s more in the ‘doing’ than in the ‘telling’. And, that’s where I have been.

My long term goal with YPJB is to create a fundamentally passive business where I can help others in my field or the associated fields streamline, cut through their own ‘red tape’… not based upon my brilliance or excellence, but based upon my own mistakes and how they shaped me. Certainly, if I can help shortcut anyone’s path to their goals, I want to help. I am aware of the ‘Journey not Destination’ philosophy, but heartily believe that we do have many choices along the journey – why not learn from others?

I found that when I re-entered the profession on a nearly full time basis, my desire to write was lessened. I am not naturally inclined toward blogging, or for that matter journaling. And so, I chose to do other things. It was easy.

Here I am though, adding a blog post, and I think it speaks directly to the subject of Practice Management. That is to say — the easiest thing there is to do, is just ‘do’… do whatever pops up in front of me at any moment, and take care of it. What’s not so easy is to stretch beyond that and put a little effort into something new.

I suppose that if the demand for this particular service was high, and if simply creating a web presence and combining it in a simple way with social networking, then I would be ‘called in’, so to speak. This is not the case, or at least not at the present time.

Let me wrap this free flowing entry up for this day, and say that my dreams and goals are alive and well. I have been pursuing them as I began to describe. And my desire to help you, and others is still alive and well, just waiting for the opportunity.


The link below will take you to my wordpress.org site where you will find this article.



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