Breaking it down… beginning with the end point.

Last week I began this blog with a very brief discussion of visualizing an endpoint.  Right or wrong, it’s an excellent place to begin.  Yes, that’s right – begin.  Begin what?

Using the imagined, visualized, man-made endpoint is the starting point for a whole series of exercises.  The exercises basically are there to remind me of how to create / visualize / manifest / actualize any desired endpoint by breaking it down into necessary intermediate events which must happen in order to get where we want to go.

So using my example of being 80+ years old, appearing healthy and happy, participating in say a 5K run, and of being surrounded by family and friends who are happy for me, we can begin to break down how I might get to that point.

A first and most obvious point to consider is “Don’t Die”.  This is the point where I bring in the awareness that not everything I want to do is within my ability to control.  In the movie ‘Dumb & Dumber” there’s a great line: ‘Life’s a fragile thing, Harry.  One minute you’re chewin’ on a burger… then next you’re dead meat!’  And it’s true.  We don’t know how, when or where we’re going to die.  And I might not reach my desired endpoint because of that.  I do know there are certain things I have a little more control over, and because I now have an endpoint I desire, I do my best to change the things I can, because failure to do so will be the certain loss of the desired outcome.

I live as if I am going to make it.

In my case, we know that the major causes of premature death in our country are from preventable diseases.   Death from strokes & heart disease, cancer (of the colon), chronic respiratory disease and accidents, as well as adult onset diabetes are all controllable to a very large extent.  Therefore, again in my case, taking better care of myself by finding health care professionals who can assist me in lowering my cholesterol, blood pressure, and adjust my diet are not just words – they are tangible.  Becoming involved in a fitness regimen is another way I can positively impact the potential outcome.  Not texting while driving is another.  This list can go on and on.

And that’s really the message for this day.  Look at a desired endpoint, and then begin to break down the small blocks that can today be started upon…  Live as if the objective will materialize…

Thanks for reading.  More later.


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